Opps, Don’t Drop that Dream!


Gold Nuggets of Success.

Gold Nuggets, you can not Quit a few feet from Sucess!

We can’t complain because rose bushes have thorns, or because thorn bushes have roses. This statement is credited to Abraham Lincoln, one of our most admired and respected Presidents.

He was revered by many, and hated by many as well. In fact he was assassinated by his enemies. Because they disagreed with what he stood for. And the key is what they believed he stood for.
One thing for certain, everyone has their won opinion about just about everything. We create our own realities, and our own worlds, based on our beliefs. We become successful or we fail to live up to our potential all based on what we believe.

One classic story in Think and Grow Rich, was about a man who discovered a gold mine, and he was so excited, that he went home, and found investors and friends to back his project. He returned to the site of his mine, and began to dig, and by gosh, his mine proved to be one of the richest mines ever discovered in the area. He dug and dug, and unearthed gold, until the vain ran out.

He spent months trying to find, what happened to the vain of gold. When he could not find it, he packed up, sold his equipment and the claim, and went home, discouraged and disappointed.

The moral is that the person he sold the claim to began where he left off, and located that vain of gold, just a few feet from where Mr. Darby quit! He took a fortune out of the earth, Mr. Darby gave up, and taught us a valuable lesson.

You can not quit a few feet from success!

I have been there, and done that, more times than I can remember, but I am not likely to give up a few feet from my gold mine.

If you have dreamed and failed, ever wondered just what it will take to succeed, it can become everything you desire.

Take a leap of faith, and look at this. This marketing plan, and the product is fantastic.

Here’s to a great day and your success!


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