Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers!

Chocolate Covered GrasshopperYes I did. I sold one.

I was just a kid, like 10 years old, and just wanted more.   I had a paper route already, actually two. One morning and one afternoon.  I delivered for the Rocky Mountain News, and the Denver Post, one was a morning paper, and the other afternoon.

But it was a Saturday, and I had already ran my route, and done my collections and wanted that sleeping bad for my upcoming fishing camping trip with my grandparents. So I came up with this idea, if I bought a large Hershey candy bar, and melted it over the backyard trash incinerator, and captured a few grasshoppers in a crisco can,  just maybe I could sell them for a nickel each and maybe earn a buck!

Well, all went just fantastic! I caught those grasshoppers, in my crisco can, and I spent a dime on chocolate bar.  I took out the trash, and separated the paper from the cans and lit the fire.

The grasshoppers cook right up, and the chocolate covered them just fine, I had my PRODUCT.

Next, a proceeded to knock on doors in my neighborhood, paper customers, friends mother, and anyone who would listen to my sales presentation. I told them about just how delicious they were, heck, I had even tried one, and it was not bad, tasted just like chocolate.  A little crunchy, but not bad.  Think of all the protein and what great things protein does for your body.  I actually think that somewhere in this world there is a place that these oh so good grasshoppers could be considered a special treat!

You know, I must have knocked on 200 doors that day, and finally realized that Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers, just did not seem to  fill a need for may folks.

But my point of this little story, is that I actually sold one!  Yes, one lady, who I considered a great customer on my route, paid me a quarter for a Chocolate Covered Grasshopper.

I learned early, that if you are willing to take action, massive action on an idea, you can accomplish your goal of selling Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers, or anything you are willing to believe in enough to take action to accomplish.

Even internet marketing. Maybe just maybe, with some continuous action, and a goal in mind, I can succeed at Internet Marketing.

I have found over the years, that there is one thing that succeeds, and that is taking action when most people won’t.

Creating Content for a Blog is one of those, what should I write about, what could I possibly teach someone else to offer value that will help them.

PLR, Private Label Rights, is a great source for ideas, for product creation for information. Private label content will provide a foundation, a source for your creative ideas to flow. Not just copying someone elses work, used as a source for information to allow your own mind to take action to put you into the product is what makes it happen. You should check out the great source.

Check this out, it is a great site for PLR product, and a leg up.

Have a great day,

Doug Parker


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