Nothing happens without a sale. Sales and marketing in reality is what makes the business world go around. It most definitely is what makes things happen on line. Where the money is made, and how anyone with the desire to succeed has to begin, and travel through the path that leads to the successful completion of a goal. Mine has been a many year trip of success and failure. Winning and losing, lessons learned, with each and every new adventure.

Just who is Doug Parker.

I was raised in Westminster Colorado. My father was a traveling salesman, who was a WWII Veteran, and a mother who was raised in an orphanage from the age of 10. Both were driven individuals whose love of life and opportunity was passed on and became part of my everyday experience.

I started life early, as an entrepreneur. I had an afternoon paper route at age 10. I Soon took on the competition with a morning route, until it became more important to find time for my homework, according to my mother that is. I quit the afternoon route, and kept the morning. I learned that if I wanted something, I had to earn it. I sold Christmas Cards every summer to earn things that I wanted above the paper route. Mowed grass in the neighborhood, and shoveled snow in the winter. Heck, I even tried melting chocolate over grasshoppers once to sell door to door. Actually sold one. Must have knocked on 200 doors that day. Jobs in High School, were as a bagger in a grocery store, and when my father was transferred to California in my last years of High School, I drove a flatbed truck in the orchard of the San Joaquin Valley delivering chemicals, and fertilizer to the orchards.

After graduation, I joined the United State Air force, learned to be an aircraft mechanic. Went to night school, and got my Airframe and Power plant license before my 4 year tour was up.

When I got out, I used the GI Bill to get my Commercial, Instrument and ME pilot ratings. Which I later turned into a career of an Airplane Salesman and worked at Piper, Cessna and Mooney dealerships, selling airplanes, and as a demo pilot.

In the mean time, I started an Overhead Door Company, married the love of my life, who had five children who have managed to give us 20 grandchildren, 17 greats, and yes one gg. That was 44 years ago, and counting.

I took on the Trucking Industry, where I drove over the road for a few years, and them moved into management as a driver manager. Then, became an instructor teaching others to drive semi trucks. I am now a professional driver instructor examiner who issues commercial drivers licenses.

I attended the University of Phoenix to study web design. I created a few websites for a select group of clients, and host the sights and keep them up.

I am now venturing into the world of internet marketing, which I have been following for many years now.

The time has come for me to devote more time and effort to my Internet Marketing Career. I am looking forward to documenting that adventure here on this blog, and taking anyone along on the ride, as I build and succeed.

I have joined  John Thornhill’s, Partnership to Success, and thanks you in advance for following me on my journey, as I learn and apply the lesson. I hope to make it informative and entertaining and welcome each and everyone who follows

Thank You

Doug Parker